Hospitality suites

If you are interested in hosting a hospitality suite during the roundup, please review the policy on hospitality suites, and complete the contact information if you would like to be contacted.

Policy on Hospitality Suites

To further the purpose of Gopher State Roundup, the Board of Directors has adopted the following policy concerning the assignment and use of Hospitality Suites:

  1. Hospitality Suites are available to AA and Al-Anon groups.
  2. Hospitality Suites are not intended for sleeping rooms since they are in the most active part of the hotel.  While sleeping in Hospitality Suites is permitted, noise levels may be high.
  3. The same room assignments as in previous years will be made whenever possible.
  4. Overflow Hospitality Suites will be available in the South Tower.
  5. A permanent waiting list is maintained of groups with Hospitality Suites on the upper floors wishing to move to the pool area.
  6. Do not use your Hospitality Suite to sell, display, raffle, or promote any literature or other items.  Meeting schedules and AA/Al-Anon/Alateen event notices are permitted.
  7. Each group must check in with a valid credit card to receive their Hospitality Suite room keys.  Any additional or unauthorized charges during the Roundup (added tables, chairs, outside phone calls, room service, pay-per-view TV, or other billable items to the room) will be charged to their credit card.
  8. The Gopher State Board reserves the right to approve or deny any hospitality suite application.

Hospitality Suite Request Form