Gopher State Roundup

An occasion to share the fellowship and to carry the message of AA;
with Al-Anon and Alateen participation

What's New

For 2019

  • Roundup attendance - Make it another great year!
  • Theme: TBD

For 2018

  • Roundup attendance - 7,080!
  • Theme: Living In The Solution!
  • A workshop on the roundup theme was added.  Attendance was standing room only.

For 2017

  • Roundup attendance - 7,100
  • Theme: Willing To Go To Any Length

For 2016

  • Roundup attendance - 7,069
  • Theme: Acceptance Is The Key

For 2015

  • Roundup attendance - 8,043
  • Theme: The Courage To Change

For 2014

  • Roundup attendance - 7,910
  • Theme: When Anyone, Anywhere...

For 2013

  • Roundup attendance - 8,245
  • Have you ever wondered how Gopher State Roundup started?  What speakers were at the first Roundup?  The answers to these questions and many more will be discussed by two of the roundup founders.  The GSR Board is aware that this event has special meaning to many members of our fellowship.  Some of the special memories of past roundups will be shared.  See items from the roundup archives which is in addition to the Area 36 Archive display.
  • We are interested in your Gopher State Roundup memories!  Please see the attached flyer for a way to share some of those life-changing events that happen.  Also see the attached template for an easy-to-use form to help share those memories!  The completed template can be emailed to: (please put in the subject line "History Committee").
  • Online registration is available.

For 2012

  • Roundup attendance - 8,536
  • Hotel changed name to Doubletree from Sheraton
  • History meeting speaker, Bill B. was a close personal friend of Lois W. for more than 15 years before her passing in 1988.  He was nominated for an Emmy for writing the Hallmark film, "My Name Is Bill W." based on the lives of Bill W. and Dr. Bob and the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Bill felt the story of Al-Anon must also be told and the heroic role Lois played in its founding.  Hallmark Hall of Fame purchased the film rights to his book, "The Lois Wilson Story: When Love is Not Enough."

For 2011

  • Roundup attendance - 8,253
  • Onsite volunteer signup table

For 2010

For 2009

  • Roundup attendance - 8,471
  • History Talk - "Varieties of Spiritual Experience". Jay S., Redondo Beach, CA

For 2008

  • Roundup attendance - 8,076
  • Parking restrictions page added
  • Book, modify, or cancel your guest room reservations early, by using the hotel's Gopher State Roundup Group Reservations site.
  • Longtimer's Panel - Trustees of Gopher State Roundup will discuss their association with the roundup and our history.

For 2007

  • Roundup attendance - 7,933
  • Gopher State Roundup XXXIV is pleased to provide a room for groups or individuals to host non-English speaking AA, Al-Anon, and Alateen meetings.  Groups or individuals may request use of the room by completing and submitting this request form.
  • History Presentation

    Gail L. from Akron, Ohio will make a multimedia presentation on 'The Writing of the Big Book' which will include sound clips of Bill W. speaking about the book Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Expanded seating

    There will be additional seating in the Veranda Room for the speaker meetings

  • Literature sales

    AA and Al-Anon Literature Sales will be in the Grand Ballroom Foyer

For 2006

  • Roundup attendance - 7,092

For 2005

  • Roundup attendance - 7,576
  • Roundup website launched

For 2004

  • Roundup attendance - 7,556

For 2003

  • Roundup attendance - 6,920